Whatever the reason for your website redesign, if you’re not careful, you could damage your site’s SEO and hurt your online visibility in the process. The website redesign process is about more than just updating the layout and colors of your website. You need to make sure you retain and improve your website’s online ranking so your site can help you reach your business goals. Here are a few common SEO mistakes to avoid when redesigning your business website.

1.      Throwing Away Great Content

Have you ever heard the saying “content is king”? While the design of your website is definitely important, it’s the text-based content and keywords on your site that tell search engines what it’s all about – and ensures you show up in searches! So, unless it needs a complete overhaul, try to keep as much of your text content as you can. On the other hand, you should avoid posting duplicate content. Pages with duplicate content can have a negative effect to your search ranking.

2.      Not Using “Above the Fold” Properly

Innovation is great, but there are a few best practices in web design, and above-the-fold content is one of them. Above the fold refers to the content visitors see when they first land on your page, that doesn’t require scrolling to view. The bottom of your screen is “the fold”. Always put your most important content and conversion, like a form, above the fold – so people don’t have to scroll to reach it. That keeps them on your page longer, lowers your bounce rate, and improves your SEO.

Search engines also read pages from the top down, so they will see this information and assume it’s the most important information about your site and company.

3.      Not Optimizing Page Speed

While the aesthetics of your website are important, they should never be more important than page speed. Visitors to your website will only give it a few seconds to load before they lose interest and go elsewhere. The best websites are ones that deliver high-quality content to users fast. So, you need to make sure that site speed is a key benchmark in your rebuild.

4.      Not Building a Responsive Site

A responsive website is a website that can be easily accessed from any device without compromising the user’s experience. More than 80% of web users now surf the web on a smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop computer. Building responsiveness into your website ensures the public sees your company in the way you intend them to. More importantly, responsiveness greatly impacts SEO as most search engines penalize websites that don’t work on mobile devices.

5.      Not Setting Up Redirects

When you go through a website redesign, you are probably going to change the layout and architecture of your website. However, there’s a good chance that search engines have already indexed the pages you’re moving, which means that if people search for your site, at least until those pages are indexed by Google’s bots, they might end up on an error (404) page instead of the page they’re looking for.

Website redirects are a method of forwarding traffic from your old URLs to the new URL that has replaced them. To do this, you need to map your existing URLs, and then create a 301 redirect for each one. This will allow users and search engines to find information on your site seamlessly.

6.      Bloated Code

Code languages like CSS JavaScript can be used to build a more beautiful, dynamic website. However, there’s a difference between good code and bloated, buggy code. If you have the former, it will improve your website and the overall experience. If you have the latter, it will slow down your site and give users a poor on-site experience. Messy code makes your website load slower which can affect where your website ranks in search results.

7.      Not Having an SSL Certificate

SSL certificates used to be primarily for e-commerce websites, but things have changed. Nearly 80% of websites now use HTTPS. SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. By utilizing HTTPS, you provide privacy and important security and data integrity for both your website and your users’ personal data. Search engines want to keep people safe online to provide them with a better experience, and security is a big part of that. Any website that is not protected by an SSL certificate might score lower on its SEO.

8.      Not Hiring a Professional

Yes, there are drag and drop website builders. Yes, they are easy to use. However, if you’re doing a website redesign for your company, there are so many variables to consider that SEO frameworks and considerations can easily be neglected.

Hiring an Orlando SEO company like Next Horizon will help you to avoid SEO errors discussed in this blog. We want to ensure that you maintain the online presence you’ve worked so hard to build and provide a better foundation with which to grow your search rankings.  

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