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The modern work environment is constantly shifting and evolving. We have seen substantial changes in the last two years, primarily regarding how and where we can now work. Office 365 has never been more valuable for businesses than it is right now.

Working remotely has become essential to office structure. Besides direct services such as grocery stores and restaurants, few employers do not allow their employees to work from a mobile or home office.

As satellite offices replace giant office buildings, managers and business owners are looking for a place to organize and store files to which many employees require access. It is not now, nor has it been necessary for employees to be in the same space to share files for quite some time. Office 365 has been a crucial component of that workplace evolvement.

A Breakdown of Office 365

If you’ve found yourself here, you might be familiar with Office 365, or you’re wondering what purpose it serves. Office 365 is essentially a futuristic version of the Microsoft Office that you grew up using.

Office 365 has an incredibly affordable monthly subscription that ranges from $5 to $20. Plans differ concerning features, and how much you pay monthly depends on how often you’ll use it and integrate it into your business.

The days of emailing individual spreadsheets and presentations are long gone. No longer are office applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint offline.

By utilizing Office 365, you can use these everyday productivity services online, allowing optimal cloud storage and sharing with employees and team members.

  1. Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management, also known as IAM, is a crucial component of switching to Office 365. To clarify, the word “identity” here refers to the people within your company and the roles and job titles they fill.

The identity of employees is crucial to accessing the information on the Office 365 Cloud solution because it ensures the right people have full access to appropriate information.

Access management pertains to previously authenticated (through the use of the login process, also known as identity) authorized users gaining access to the materials they need. When using Office 365, the administrator (you) will not have to log in to provide them with that access. You’ll create and fully manage user accounts within the Office 365 solution.

  1. Threat Protection

Equipped with state-of-the-art threat Microsoft 365 Defender protection, Office 365 is an effective place to secure company data, devices, team identities, and internal and external emails. When you work in the cloud with 365, your business will have full access to antiphishing technology, antimalware, and antispam protection.

Microsoft 365 Defender will detect and prevent attacks on every piece of information that you store within your Office 365 solution. Microsoft Defender is always on the hunt for threats, and the second that something suspicious is detected, the system will update your Office 365 dashboard with an alert and instructions on how to proceed.

The most critical component of bringing your business communication and tasks online is security. Microsoft 365 wholly understands that.

  1. Information Protection

Just as important as overall security and antispyware technology is information protection. If your cloud-based solution does not have proper information protection, there is absolutely no point in using it, especially for business purposes.

Microsoft 365 Information Protection goes to the extreme to ensure that your data stays protected. Data loss can be a massive hit for companies of any size.

Information Protection helps preserve data and protect from environmental threats across every Microsoft app, including Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  1. Security Management

When you choose the Business Premium subscription with Microsoft 365, you’re choosing exceptional security management.

Office 365 Advanced Threat protection is a security beast, taking charge of all of your precious data and keeping it safe when stored in the cloud.

From ransomware to harmful links, there are zero security threats that Advanced Threat doesn’t pick up. Also, it’s easy for business owners to manage and understand without prior cloud solution security experience. When choosing your plan, make sure that it comes with the level of security you require.

  1. Compliance Management

Owning, running, or managing a business is no easy feat. Handling everything from payroll, data management, and company compliance can become incredibly overwhelming. The feeling of having too much to do increases the desire for organized access to data with enhanced security is where cloud-based solutions like Office 365 come into play.

You want to organize your company’s compliance efforts all in one place, and Office 365 is the perfect place to do so. Risk management is essential to keeping business running smoothly, and your compliance dashboard will let you know exactly where you are regarding your risk level.

You’ll find various tools that help you meet regulatory, organizational, and legal requirements.

You can easily access the compliance manager through the settings tab on your Office 365 dashboard. It’s genuinely one of the best aspects of Office 365.

Access to Incredible Productivity Tools

Office 365 gives users access to the best productivity tools available. Most business owners have used Microsoft Office for years because the applications are efficient, easy to use, and shareable via email. While there is certainly nothing wrong with utilizing the old version of MS Office, Office 365 saves time and improves file and data management.

The most popular tools included with Office 365 assist with team management, including Excel, OneNote, Teams, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. Each element encourages communication and offers easy access to files and assignments, including those created by other team members.

Digital Solutions for Everyday People

In a world where most businesses are taking to cloud-based solutions to run operations, Office 365 is getting the job done again and again. The platform is as straightforward as they come, and it will benefit the inner workings of your business for as long as you put it to use.

Next Horizon specializes in assisting hard-working business owners in increasing sales, streamlining productivity, building custom applications, and increasing security measures. We are consistently evolving and implementing new systems to help our clients succeed, including understanding the benefits of Office 365.

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Next Horizon provides holistic technology solutions for businesses looking to improve sales, increase agility and optimize productivity. From improving and maintain IT infrastructure to building bespoke business applications, Next Horizon uses its 40+ years of experience and award winning talent to provide technical business solutions for its clients.

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