Custom app development has become an increasingly popular strategy for businesses to improve their processes and increase their bottom line. A custom app can provide a tailored solution to a specific problem that a business is facing, and can streamline workflows, improve communication, and reduce inefficiencies.

However, the success of a custom app development project depends on a number of factors, including the skills of the development team, the clarity of the business requirements, and the effectiveness of the project management.

In this article, we will explore several case studies of successful custom app development projects. These projects represent a range of industries and purposes, but they all share a common thread of having provided a significant impact on their respective businesses.

We will examine the challenges that each business faced, the solutions that were developed, and the outcomes of the project. By analyzing these case studies, we can gain insights into the best practices for custom app development and the key factors that contribute to a successful project.

Large Central Florida Hospital System: Risk Management Solution

A large Central Florida Hospital System wanted to optimize its risk management process for the large Florida Hospital System.

As hospitals take in patients, there are several factors that affect their company’s risk when taking care of each patient. For instance, if a patient continues to put their guard rail down when someone isn’t looking, that poses a risk to both the patient and the organization. Those small incidents and variables were manually logged by the medical professionals in multiple systems.

Manually logging in risk information into multiple systems daily was inefficient, time-intensive and led to inaccuracies in the data. A large Central Florida Hospital System approached Next Horizon to build a solution that would streamline their risk management process by having all risk data in one centralized application.

Project Highlights:

  • Developed Centralized Risk Data Hub
  • Increased Speed and Accuracy of Risk Assessments
  • Led to Improved Risk Management and Safety Practices

The Solution

Next Horizon developed a solution where observed risks and scheduled safety practices would be entered, scheduled, monitored and tracked in a centralized application. The application was also a conduit for risk-related data to and from other relevant applications.

The application was for 3rd party personnel such as nurses, doctors and other medical personnel to update risk information in real-time. They could use a terminal, tablet or other digital devices to record risk variables into the system on the go.

The Result

The final solution allowed the Large Central Florida Hospital System Network to more accurately report, track and develop strategies to more effectively manage risk. It removed duplication of effort in their risk management efforts and the centralized data was used to better prepare the hospital network with current and thorough risk assessments. The application has been running for several years and has made the company more diligent in its risk assessment efforts.

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.decimal: IT Support

As a manufacturer of highly technical, patient-specific medical devices with rapid delivery commitments, .decimal requires the highest level of support and reliability from their IT systems. .decimal utilizes round the clock development and manufacturing.

Any weakness in their IT infrastructure could cause significant delays and issues getting important treatment devices to sick patients in need. When the company began experiencing downtime in service due to an unstable network system, they decided to engage Next Horizon.

The Solution

At the onset of our relationship, .decimal wanted to engage in consulting services. Next Horizon provided a network and security audit to establish a baseline and identify any areas of potential exposure. Upon review, .decimal decided that their current infrastructure would have to be expanded in order to support their manufacturing goals.

Next Horizon came on board as .decimal’s  IT Services partner.  We developed a plan to establish security and compliance protocols, provide remote backup storage and consolidate their hardware.

The Result

Since 2012, Next Horizon has provided top-quality IT Managed Services for .decimal. .decimal has benefited with nearly 100% uptime related to preventable issues. We put in place policies and infrastructure to ensure that the company and its employees comply with HIPPA and ITAR standards.

Next Horizon also designed and installed an enhanced network infrastructure and performed a hardware consolidation with virtualization. .decimal has flourished with an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure and Next Horizon continues to be its primary IT Managed Services provider. We are proud to be a part of a solution that improves the health and lives of so many people in need.

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Central Square Mobile Inspection: Custom App

Central Square was looking to modernize and improve their software offering to municipalities used by building inspectors and code enforcement personnel. Their current application was not available on android devices, had an outdated user interface (UI) and wasn’t effective in making the inspection process efficient. CST knew of pain points from their clients regarding poor user experience, incompatibility with popular mobile platforms, lack of automation and a complicated workflow brought on by having to use multiple platforms for actions that are interrelated. They were eager to deliver a modern mobile application to meet their clients’ needs.

In short, CST’s current solution did not meet the standards and needs of their clients.  Inefficient workflows from a municipality’s code enforcement department can be a drain and a hassle on business coming into that particular area. CST’s clients needed an application that could help make the whole process quick and easy. In order to retain their client base for this product, CST’s legacy application would have to be given a full rework.

The Solution

Using .NET and IONIC framework, Next Horizon modernized a legacy application that supports inspectors and code enforcement officers in the field by providing access to their inspections and cases respectively. It provides the capabilities for inspectors to add/edit information as needed in real-time through the use of either iPad® or Android devices. In order to make it easier to work in areas with low Wi-Fi or cell phone reception, the application would be available both online and offline.

We needed to synch and interface with the current Community Development Application modules including permit, license, project, code compliance, as well as land management. The application required modern design thinking, middle-ware, hybrid functionality, and a user interface design that is seamless and intuitive for the end-user.

The Result

Utilizing agile development, Next Horizon delivered a modernized mobile application within a limited budget and an aggressive timeframe. Though there were challenges with the project, the development team received great reviews from CST for their professionalism, performance and overall quality of work. The refreshed application is an asset in the field.  It helps to decrease errors, increase the speed of the inspection process and provides inspectors and code enforcement officers with a mobile platform that allows them to focus on the task at hand – and avoid the red tape.

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