Headquartered in Orlando

The Challenge

Emmabean required a professional yet user-friendly website with ecommerce capabilities to enable parents to order and pay for their children’s school lunches.

Company Description

Emmabean is a boutique food company that provides local, sustainable and delicious lunch solutions for Central Florida families and schools. Emmabean was launched in 2015 and today offers its Kids Lunchboxes, delivered to local schools, and provides catering for special occasions.

Next Horizon Approach & Solution

Next Horizon designed a website for Emmabean that reflects the company’s personality and enthusiasm for creating school lunches with whole, clean foods. The website also offers an easy-to-use ecommerce store that allows parents to browse daily lunch selections, place orders and use credit cards to pre-pay for their children’s lunches or snacks. Next Horizon’s research revealed that Emmabean’s services were particularly popular with tech-savvy millennials and took that into account when designing the look of the Emmabean website.

Emmabean mockup


Next Horizon’s clients typically experience significant customer growth in their first year with the company. Emmabean has been no exception. In just two years, Emmabean has more than doubled the number of schools in their portfolio.

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