Lockheed Martin: A Case Study

Lockheed Martin

Increasing workplace efficiency

Tools for communication and scheduling

Enhancing access to information

Team of employees working together with a computer

Mission and Fire Control Intranet

Lockheed Martin wanted to build an intranet for its Mission and Fire Control (MFC) department in order to improve synergy and communications for all cross functional teams. With this in mind, Next Horizon developed a simple, yet manageable enterprise portal that provided quality user experiences for its employees. The portal allowed employees to access the following:

  • Payroll
  • HR information
  • Messaging
  • Company updates
  • Other relevant, pertinent company information

Lockheed was able to improve the overall communication of its Mission and Fire Control Department, leading to a more efficient and productive workplace for its employees.

Self-Service Scheduling Platform

Lockheed Martin utilized physically and technologically secure rooms to hold sensitive and classified meetings. In order to improve scheduling timing for these rooms, Next Horizon built a self-service scheduling platform. This platform allows both internal and external teams to schedule meetings successfully without the issue of ‘double-booking’ or scheduling error. The self-service platform streamlined the scheduling process, allowing employees to be more productive and focus on higher priority tasks.

Employee using a planner book
Man using an application search bar

Mission and Fire Control Search Engine

Lockheed Martin’s Mission and Fire Control Department had a multitude of webpages that were uncategorized and difficult to find. To remedy this problem, Next Horizon scrubbed all MFC web servers, indexed all webpages and developed an internal search engine. The internal search engine allowed the employees to conduct more timely and pertinent project searches. Without needing to spend excess time searching for webpages, MFC increased employee productivity and efficiency in their typical workdays.

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