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Cipparone & Cipparone is a law firm practicing primarily in the areas of civil litigation, wills and trusts, corporate and commercial matters, real estate law, and trust and estate planning.


Cipparone and Cipparone (C&C) found that, as their business was growing, their IT needs were changing. As their employee roster grew, their servers needed to meet a higher output. Their servers were constantly failing and any repairs to them were slow to remedy. Their IT infrastructure was outdated which caused inefficiencies in cost and productivity. They came to Next Horizon looking for a solution.


In order to remedy Cipparone and Cipparone’s outdated and inefficient IT infrastructure, Next Horizon implemented a full custom cloud network solution. Moving their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud allows for a more streamlined and accessible approach to IT needs. Next Horizon ultimately decided to use Desktop as a Service to provide a Remote Desktop solution with a thin client to develop a virtual desktop infrastructure. Next Horizon’s approach would allow C&C to increase mobility, efficiency, security and a holistic solution that would meet 100% of C&C’s current and potential IT needs.


Due to nature of cloud based technology, C&C would no longer have to suffer through server failure or long repair times. Any issues were fixed in a matter of minutes. Cost Management of server use ebbed and flowed directly with usage. Productivity increased and, through their remote desktop solution, they can now work on sensitive tasks and documents in a safe, secure manner anywhere in the world. C&C has been a Next Horizon client for the past 5 years and their IT needs have continued to be met in an ever changing technological world.


“Next Horizon has provided Cipparone & Cipparone’s cloud computing services for several years. Given the highly sensitive information with our practice, it is extremely important that our client information is kept secure while in the cloud. Next Horizon has and continues to exceed our expectations regarding the privacy of our client information as well as offering exceptional customer service related to our server and other software needs. Next Horizon has earned our business and trust and I would highly recommend Next Horizon for any businesses cloud computing needs.”

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