Central Square Technologies (CST) Mobile Inspection Application

Central Square Technologies

The Challenge

CST was looking to modernize and improve their software offering to government agencies with municipal building inspectors and code enforcement personnel. Their previous version of the application was not available on android devices, had an outdated user interface (UI) and wasn’t effective in making the inspection process efficient. CST knew of pain points from their clients regarding poor user experience, incompatibility with popular mobile platforms, lack of automation and a complicated workflow brought on by having to use multiple platforms for actions that are interrelated. They were eager to deliver a modern mobile application to meet their clients’ needs.

In short, CST’s current solution did not meet the standards and needs of their clients. Inefficient workflows from a municipality’s code enforcement department can be a drain and a hassle on businesses that depend on a quick building inspection experience. CST’s clients needed an application that could help make the whole process quick and easy. In order to retain their client base for this solution, CST’s legacy application would have to be given a full rework.

Company Description

Women Inspectors on Tablet

Central Square Technologies (CST) provides the broadest, smartest, and most unified public sector software suite that powers all aspects of managing local government including solutions for public safety and public administration agencies. Some examples include software for finance, HR/payroll, utilities, citizen engagement, community development, property tax, municipal services, 911, dispatch, jail and asset management. They serve over 7,500 organizations—impacting the lives of 3 in 4 citizens across North America.

The Solution

Using .NET and IONIC framework, Next Horizon modernized a legacy application that supports inspectors and code enforcement officers in the field by providing access to their inspections and cases respectively. It provides the capabilities for inspectors to add/edit information as needed in real time through the use of either iPad® or Android devices. In order to make it easier to work in areas with low Wi-Fi or cell phone reception, the application would be available both online and offline.

We needed to synch and interface with the current Community Development Application modules including permit, license, project, code compliance, as well as the land management. The application required modern design thinking, middle-ware, hybrid functionality and a user interface design that is seamless and intuitive for the end user.

The Impact

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Utilizing agile development, Next Horizon delivered a modernized mobile application within a limited budget and an aggressive timeline. Even with these challenges, the development team received great reviews from CST for their professionalism, performance and overall quality of work. The revitalized application is an asset in the field. It helps to decrease errors, increase the speed of the inspection process and provides inspectors and code enforcement officers with a mobile platform that allows them to focus on the task at hand – and avoid the red tape.

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