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The following is a summary of the copyright law relating to web design. The following is originally viewable in full context at We at Next Horizon work together with our client and transfer all copyrights (unless otherwise stated) over to the client in a written format after the initial design has been completed and the proposed contract has been fulfilled. All work that has not been transferred is considered the property of Y2k service Inc, dba Next Horizon.

  • (a) Initial Ownership: Copyright in a work protected under this title vests initially in the author or authors of the work. The authors of a joint work are co-owner of copyright in the work.
  • (b) Works Made for Hire: In the case of a work made for hire, the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author for purposes of this title, and, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in a written instrument signed by them, owns all of the rights comprised in the copyright.
  • (c) Transfer of Ownership:
    1. The ownership of a copyright may be transferred in whole or in part by any means of conveyance or by operation of law, and may be bequeathed by will or pass as personal property by the applicable laws of intestate succession.
    2. Any of the exclusive rights comprised in a copyright, including any subdivision of any of the rights specified by section 106, may be transferred as provided by clause (1) and owned separately. The owner of any particular exclusive right is entitled, to the extent of that right, to all of the protection and remedies accorded to the copyright owner by this title.

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