Recently updated on August 25th, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself what all this craziness over the Facebook Like button is about? It seems this one-word button is almost everywhere and anywhere. Well, it would seem this way for a good reason.

Let’s ask ourselves the first obvious question:

What’s this “Like” button everyone keeps talking about?

The “Like” button is a button placed on a page of your site. This button allows a visitor to your site to “Like” the content of your page. Now that you know what the “Like” button is, the next logical question should be:

Should I care if people “Like” my homepage?

In a word, Yes! Once a visitor hits the “Like” button from your site, it sends a status message to that visitor’s Facebook account. Anyone with access to that person’s profile or wall will see a status message telling them that that person “Likes” your site.

The act of one person clicking your “Like” button has now sent an advertisement for their friends to see what they liked about you, thus resulting in more traffic to your site. Here are a few more key benefits to placing a like button on your site.

  • It’s a FREE advertisement. It costs nothing to place a “Like” button on your site. You don’t even need a Facebook account to add a like button to your site.
  • It adds the ability for your site to go “viral”, and target even more people in your target demographic. One “Like” from a person is going to reach out to many of their friends, friends who generally share the same interest, who can further spread the “Like” fever.
  • Having the Facebook icon or logo on your site helps your site feel more legitimate and trustworthy.

The “Like” button is also becoming a more prominent placement item when it comes to e-commerce sites. The number of “Likes” is slowly trumping user reviews and comments as the primary way people show support for online products and services.

Adding a like button is simple, click here for directions on inserting the like button to your web page.

Hopefully, this article has helped to inform you of one of the top social networking strategies in today’s online world.

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