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Mobile phones have become our door to the world. They house important information, our interests, pictures and they even aid us in doing our job. From productivity to attending meetings, our phones can help us with a variety of tasks. If you are a businessman or woman that currently owns an android phone, you should have your phone work with you and just for you. In this entry, we are going to go over 5 apps that will help make your business life more productive with android.

  • Google Voice

Google Voice

One of the greatest features of Google Voice is that it transcribes your voicemails so that you can read them like email. You can also set up custom outgoing greetings for different callers ( very cool if you want to tailor a special greeting for a specific client ).  All of this can happen with both your google voice number (oh yeah, you get an extra! phone number) or your current mobile number. If you are one of those that can’t operate without text messaging, google voice gives your free text messing.

What Can I Do with Google Voice?

  • Text business associates from your computer or phone
  • Protect your phone from spam or unwanted callers
  • Screen calls before answering
  • View and listen to voicemails like it was an email inbox
  • Incur lower rates for international calls
  • Personalized voicemail greetings
  • Tasks

tasks app logo. it is a blue background with a white check mark

Tasks is an app that gives you a second brain, dedicated to remembering tasks and reminding you to do them. It is one of the best productivity apps for android.  The feature that makes this app really stand out is its personality ( yes, I said its personality), It has its own way of motivating you to complete those tasks with quirky one-liners.

What Can I Do With Tasks?

  • Create new tasks and reminders for yourself
  • Use your task list online or integrate with popular  apps like Google Task
  • Customize your list with colors, icons and other personalization. 
  • Develop subtasks if your primary tasks have multiple layers
  • Location-based notifications
  • Share your tasks with others
  • Benefit from end-to-end encryption with EteSync
  • Dropbox

Dropbox App Logo

Dropbox is one of those apps that just make sense. If you are unfamiliar with the application, dropbox allows you to store & share your files in the cloud, while syncing with all of your desktop & mobile devices. Dropbox for Android brings that very same functionality to your phone without missing a beat. With this app, you will have access to all of your files on the go, as well as the ability to sync back to the cloud.

What Can I Do With Dropbox?

  • Store your files in the cloud
  • Access your files from any mobile device
  • Edit your work using Microsoft Office products
  • Their new desktop experience makes it easier to work, collaborate and create 
  • Expensify

Expensify Logo

Expensify is one the best time savers around. We all know how annoying it is to fill out an expense report when traveling, but we have to do them. Expensify allows you to automatically import a recent transaction from a linked account and file it. You can also input your cash transaction and upload your receipt. When its all said and done, you just have to generate the report & submit it to accounting.

What Can I Do With Expensify?

  • It integrates with industry-leading applications in HR, travel, tax, and practice management
  • Automate your pre-accounting process from receipt scanning to expense approvals and reimbursement
  • Access your expenses from anywhere with an easy to use mobile application
  • Log mileage automatically with its GPS feature
  • Categorize your expenses
  • Scan2PDF

Scan 2 PDF Logo

As a businessman or businesswoman, the transition into your digital life may not always be in your control. We are still surrounded by hard copies of documents that need to be received, copied, and transmitted. Scan2PDF allows you to use your phone to scan documents and save them as PDFs, giving you some of that control back.

What Can I Do With Expensify?

  • Upload many different file types
  • Convert files to PDF format
  • Edit your file with image editing software
  • Resize files

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