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Cloud Computing Solutions

Next Horizon’s Cloud Computing Solutions allow for over-the-internet provision of easily upgraded or expanded Information Technology resources. There is no need to purchase additional infrastructure – servers, applications, operating systems – for use on premises. This is why the cloud is also known as infrastructure as a service or IAAS.

The Cloud allows all computers in your environment to be updated simultaneously. Cloud Computing service offers several advantages by allowing businesses to use IT services that include infrastructure, applications, and storage space for a nominal fee.

Benefits to Cloud Computing

  • There When You Need It

    Cloud Computing’s ease of use can be compared to utility-based services, like electricity. Just as electricity is immediately accessible when you turn on a light, Cloud Computing allows for immediately available IT resources. You don’t have to ask the power company for more electricity to turn on that light, and Cloud Computing offers the same ease of access to the IT power that runs your company.

  • Cloud Computing = Savings

    Increasingly, businesses are finding that Cloud Computing services offered by Next Horizon provide:

    • Lower overall IT expenses
    • Lower equipment costs
    • A constant IT budget
    • Automatic updates
    • Central management
    • Scalability
    • Data protection in case of disaster
    • Remote access
  • Small Business Scale

    Cloud Computing isn’t just for large companies. Small businesses will find that they can utilize the same tools as larger organizations because, with Cloud Computing, you pay for only what you need. Next Horizon offers a wide range of Cloud Computing solutions to serve businesses of all sizes. Contact Next Horizon today with any questions.

  • Words of Encouragement

    “We had an issue late today that had us tremendously worried about being able to get financials out on time. We appreciate your support team for getting this resolved in a timely manner.  One of the best moves we have made is outsourcing IT support to Next Horizon.”
    AeroCare Holdings LLC