What makes using The Cloud so great?

In the world we live in today we need to keep up to date, get information and get information fast to stay up to date with our competition. In the world of Cloud Computing you can do just that by being able to access information anytime, anywhere.

  1. Cost Savings – The cloud is cheaper. You can pay for what’s being used rather than paying for unused services.
  2. Integration – Companies use a mix of technologies. The use of the cloud makes it easier for companies. It provides a common platform for integration to take place.
  3. Reduce capital cost – Companies can justify and allocate IT resources to an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure. They don’t need to invest in hardware and software or licensing fees. By opting for a cloud based infrastructure companies can ensure they are always up to date.
  4. flexible spending on technology infrastructure – Global access to the cloud allows for any number and location of employees increases or declines, the company only pays for the number of users needed.
  5. User Control – To help with security and compliance, companies can have a seamless cross-cloud authentication called Single Sign On (SSO). This will help the IT department manage user accounts and credentials across a multitude of devices.
  6. Automatic Software Update – cloud computing suppliers do the server maintenance – including security updates themselves. This is a hug time saver for the IT department devote their time elsewhere.
  7. Speed –  The cloud helps companies get up and running much faster through a virtual server.
  8. Flexibility – Employees are able to access information anywhere, anytime.
  9. Disaster Recovery – There is no need to worry about complex disaster recover plans. Cloud computing is faster and takes care of most data transfer issues.
  10. Security – It was once believed that an on-premise infrastructure was more secure but not anymore. Cloud provides provide high levels of security. There have been big changes to the security features in Windows Server 2012 which now makes cloud safer than ever.

The benefits to Cloud Computing help your company stay up to date, save money and secure storage space.  After reviewing these benefits isn’t it time you move to the Cloud?

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