Recently updated on March 21st, 2023

Maximizing efficiency in the workplace is a great way to improve the bottom line without bringing in new customers. Streamlining systems and creating flexibility for your staff can improve productivity, setting your company up for success.

If you are interested in optimizing your IT system, you may want to consider investing in a desktop as a service solution. A remote desktop as a service solution is software that allows users to seamlessly connect to and interact with servers, internal networks or the internet without the need for expensive hardware and software. It can provide a myriad of actionable benefits to a business.

Remote Working

Employees can work from home or on the road. The level of autonomy that a remote desktop solution provides can increase productivity across the organization.

Remote access to critical systems also opens the organization up to hiring outside of their physical location, increasing the ability to utilize high-quality talent from around the country.

Increased Profit Margin

According to CIO Magazine, the average small to mid-size business spends between 4% and 7% of their revenue on IT solutions. IT is crucial to business efficiency and success, yet IT costs can pile up if you are not careful.
Due to the fact that Desktop as a Service solutions are Cloud-based, businesses don’t have to deal with the tedious and costly maintenance overhead associated with server-based systems. When there are issues with a physical server, any kind of error or issue can only be fixed with onsite support. Cloud-based systems issues can also be resolved from anywhere at any time reducing lulls in productivity and saving money that could be better spent on growing your business.

Increased Data Security

With so much technology being infused into our day-to-day lives, data security has become a top priority for businesses. Remote desktop solution providers utilize a team of security professionals to keep your data and systems secure. If there are any issues, the security team runs ongoing backups to recover any lost information.
If you are wondering about file transfers from your remote working employees, don’t worry. Your information is protected with advanced key encryption and the security team can always spot who is trying to jump onto your network.

Simpler Data Access and Management

Remote systems are designed to make accessing your data easier. The whole point of a Cloud-based remote desktop is that your employees have access to and can manage data and projects. There is no need for software downloads, flash drives or running out of memory because your information is always accessible.

As an administrator tool, it provides similar flexibility. Editing permissions of users and restricting access to certain documents has never been easier and can be accomplished even when you are out of the office.

The short answer is yes; a remote desktop solution is a good fit with almost any business. If you are considering remote desktop, or you just want to explore how a remote system would fit in your business, contact us. Our clients have been benefitting from these services for years.

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