It's bad for users, business, and web

Do you like using a browser that has a mountain of security issues? How about a browser that does not support some of today’ s features that help create great web experiences, features that modern browsers offer. Do you like working on a browser that is older than 10 Years? Then you should upgrade from Internet Explorer 6. NOW!

You might feel comfortable using this browser, heck; it’s been with you since you first purchased your computer. There are even 20-30% of typical website visitors who use it. But using this browser is ultimately bad. Bad for users, bad for businesses and bad for the web.

Ultimately the biggest issue is security. Internet Explorer 6 is over 10 years old; this browser is out leagued when compared to the protection of newer browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, even Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9). Newer browsers also offer better browsing experiences with new features, such as tabbed browsing, plugin support, and speed.

T-Rex calling an IE logo old

In terms of business, Internet Explorer 6 lacks today’s current web standards, and instead of having designers build new innovations for current browsers, they are forced to spend time making sites function in Internet Explorer 6, through hacks and other unconventional measures. This is extra time spent that could be subtracted from production or reallocated to improving the web experience for the site. It also makes maintenance harder and sometimes makes sites run slower.

Upgrading is not hard to do either. Just Google any other type of web browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, even Internet Explorer 9 ) and click on the install. After a few clicks you’ll be set up with a better and faster web browsing experience.

Let’s help to make the web a place of innovation and continuing development, upgrade from Internet Explorer 6 today! Below you’ll find a few options that will get you started

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