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The Challenge

Five years ago, The Law Office of Cipparone & Cipparone came to Next Horizon looking for a marketing partner. The law firm was growing in the Central Florida area and needed a partner that understood their current needs and had the knowledge and expertise to lead them into the future as the company grew.

Company Description

The Law Office of Cipparone & Cipparone has been serving the Lake Mary, FL and surrounding areas for many years. It’s award winning attorneys practice primarily in the areas of civil litigation, wills and trusts, business law, real estate law and estate planning.

The Solution

Cipparone & Cipparone chose Next Horizon due to its eye for the future, but, in order to grow, there must be a sturdy foundation. Next Horizon built an SEO optimized website and set up a Google Ad Campaign to grab prospective clients that were proactively looking for legal services.

As the years went by, new marketing technology and tactics arose providing Next Horizon with the ability to innovate, update and optimize its strategy moving forward. The Cipparone & Cipparone website was updated to become fully responsive (mobile optimized) and prospect focused with clickable phone numbers and contact forms. A stronger emphasis on social media and content marketing was employed. Next Horizon developed a marketing plan that focused on where Cipparone & Cipparone’s potential clients were and implemented tactics to bring them to the law firm’s “front door”.

The Impact

Due to nature of cloud based technology, C&C would no longer have to suffer through server failure or long repair times. Any issues were fixed in a matter of minutes. Cost Management of server use ebbed and flowed directly with usage. Productivity increased and, through their remote desktop solution, they can now work on sensitive tasks and documents in a safe, secure manner anywhere in the world. C&C has been a Next Horizon client for the past 5 years and their IT needs have continued to be met in an ever changing technological world.

Cipparone & Cipparone says

In the five years that Next Horizon has been agency of record for The Law Office of Cipparone & Cipparone, monthly web traffic, clicks and conversion level events have increased every year. Next Horizon continued to optimize campaigns to reduce irrelevant traffic and succeeded on bringing more convertible traffic to the website. From search engine optimization to video based advertising, Next Horizon fulfilled their duty as a marketing partner. Cipparone & Cipparone has continued to increase their budget over the years as their needs and company have grown.

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