How an Enterprise Company Improved Customer Resolution Time

Case Studies by Next Horizon

Saved an estimated 100 productivity hours per employee per year

33% reduction in clicks

Reduced needed forms from 12 to 3

The Challenge

An enterprise, non-profit member association and service organization came to Next Horizon, looking to upgrade its customer tracking system. With nearly 60 million members, thousands of daily service calls were overwhelming their support staff due to the inefficiency
of their current application.

As members would call in, support staff would record the details of those conversations and queries on an internal tracking system. Their application was outdated, slow and required too many clicks and forms to efficiently record information needed to service client issues. The inefficiency of the system caused slow reaction times for member resolutions and caused an unnecessary expansion of customer service staff.

The organization also lacked the availability of necessary development staff to handle their current priorities and also upgrade the application internally.

Approach and Solution

In order to execute the scope of the project on time and within budget, a specialized application development team needed to be put together. Next Horizon deployed an agile managed service team which included a project manager, Java developers, UX/UI developers and quality assurance testers. The team was tasked with creating a modern, scalable application system built on JSP and RESTful web services to streamline efficiency and improve service to customers throughout the country.

Utilizing agile project management, the team was able to develop an internally hosted application that was portable and easier to manage than the previous version. Reducing the amount of forms that needed to be filled out was the epicenter of the challenge, so Next Horizon improved data architecture to simplify the process and maximize productivity.

Teammate checking Data Analytics
Young smiling call centre employee working hard and accompanied by her team


The new customer tracking application allowed the customer service department to handle more member service requests, faster than ever before. The application was delivered on time, within budget and met client expectations. Comment recording became much more efficient, reducing the number of clicks needed to service a member by over 33% and the number of needed forms from 12 to 3.

Compared to the typical call flow of the previous application, the organization will be able to save an estimated 100 productivity hours per year per employee under the upgraded system. Customer experience will be greatly improved, allowing the organization to handle issues faster and more accurately.

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