Industrial Lighting Products

ILP logo

Sanford, Florida and Reno, Nevada

More than 180 employees

Customized online parts catalog

The Challenge

As ILP grew, the company needed to catch up with their competitors in ecommerce readiness. ILP determined that they required a new website that would include an online parts catalog that would automate product selection.

Company Description

Industrial Lighting Products (ILP) manufactures high-efficiency lighting products for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and outdoor applications

Next Horizon Approach & Solution

Next Horizon designed and built a new ILP website that included the elements necessary to increase the company’s online presence, as well as allow contractors to find products via an online parts catalog. The easily searchable online catalog provides quick access to ILP’s entire inventory.

Industrial Lighting Products responsive screenshot


ILP’s new website has given the company the competitive online presence it required to sustain and grow its market share. ILP’s growing customer base now spans the entire United States as well as Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and even American Samoa.

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