Risk Management System

Developed Centralized
Risk Data Hub

Increased Speed and Accuracy
of Risk Assessments

Led to Improved Risk Management
and Safety Practices

The Challenge

A large Central Florida Hospital System wanted to optimize their risk management process for the Florida Hospital Network.

As hospitals take in patients, there are several factors that affect their company’s risk when taking care of each patient. For instance, if a patient continues to put their guard rail down when someone isn’t looking, that poses a risk to both the patient and the organization. Those small incidents and variables were manually logged by the medical professionals in multiple systems.

Manually logging in risk information into multiple systems daily was inefficient, time intensive and led to inaccuracies in the data. The large Central Florida Hospital System approached Next Horizon to build a solution that would streamline their risk management process by having all risk data in one centralized application.

Approach and Solution

NH developed a solution where observed risks and scheduled safety practices would be entered, scheduled, monitored and tracked in a centralized application. The application was also a conduit for risk-related data to and from other relevant applications. The application was for 3rd party personnel such as nurses, doctors and other medical personnel to update risk information in real time. They could use a terminal, tablet or other digital device to record risk variables into the system on the go.

Technology Used

Microsoft C#

Microsoft C# is the most powerful programming language for the .NET Framework. It is an object oriented language which means that C# focuses on how components behave rather than the coding required for it to behave that way. This increases versatility and speeds up development time.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL’s primary function is to store and retrieve data when requested by other software applications. It has enhanced security features allowing businesses to put restrictions on personnel access and has enhanced performance when it comes to data collection.


RESTful API separates the client from the server. Its portability allows for independent app component development, making it easy to manage and scale. Its flexibility allowed Next Horizon to develop an application that was delivered on time and could be updated over time.


The final solution allowed the Large Central Florida Hospital System Network to more accurately report, track and develop strategies to more effectively manage risk. It removed duplication of effort in their risk management efforts and the centralized data was used to better prepare the hospital network with current and thorough risk assessments. The application has been running for several years and has made the company more diligent in its risk assessment efforts.

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