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Many people now have some extra free time and are spending it on their mobile devices. Research shows that 89% of consumer media activity occurs on mobile apps. Mobile apps give your consumers a way to interact with your brand, like no other mobile platform. It’s a practical approach to provide a personalized, engaging user experience that keeps your brand top of mind. But this is just one of the many benefits to keep in mind when considering whether a mobile app is the right fit for your business.

The Best Mobile Experience

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Mobile applications are programs designed specifically for cell phones. Apps deliver a seamless user experience, driven by speed and responsiveness. They provide an ideal experience for mobile users.

When designing mobile apps, developers are continuously looking for ways to utilize functions that other mobile solutions cannot provide like:

  • Interactivity – giving the user the luxury of interacting with content without the headaches that are often associated with mobile websites.
  • Push notifications – keeping consumers up-to-date with what’s new.
  • The ability to store data locally – allowing users to access content offline.
  • The capacity to access a device’s functionality – i.e., camera, microphone, etc.

Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

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A recurring issue within e-commerce is cart abandonment. Required account creation, high shipping costs, and limited payment options are to blame for this sales dilemma. Consumers described these difficulties as attributes of poor shopping experiences.

Excellent mobile app design can quickly improve your abandonment rates. Making sure your check out forms are optimized can improve your cart abandonment rates by up to 20%. Also, through push notifications, you can remind users that they have items in their carts – with an appeal for them to return to complete their purchase.

Businesses are adopting more data solutions than ever before. Mobile applications are great assets in developing pointed, impactful strategies to increase your ROI.

More Meaningful Engagement

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Mobile apps are highly personalized, which drives better engagement from customers. The intuitive nature of mobile apps breeds enjoyable, user-friendly navigation for clients.

Businesses are adopting more data solutions than ever before. This kind of engagement allows companies to easily track useful data on consumers, like purchasing history and usage accurately. Mobile applications are great assets in developing pointed, impactful data strategies to increase your ROI.

Music streaming services like Spotify will often use this data to curate personalized content based on user’s listening habits–displaying recommendations in an easy-to-find “You Might Also Like” carousel.

This is Only the Beginning

Mobile apps are a significant part of the foundation of an immersive customer relationship. The value within mobile apps relies heavily upon consumer data collection and constant monitoring of consumer behavior. This information is the foundation of a highly personalized mobile application. The goal for your brand should be to provide a customized and convenient shopping and customer service experience. Consumers enjoy ease when shopping, and are turned off by any hassles that may arise during the purchasing process.

Now that many people are working from home and are spending more time on their mobile devices, there is no better time than now to implement a transcendent mobile app into your consumer engagement and retention strategy.

If you are considering developing a mobile app or updating an existing one, get in touch with our application development specialists at Next Horizon.

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