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No SEO tool is created equal. Some are best at identifying impactful keywords, while others have better technical recommendations. The reality of it is that there is no such thing as the perfect SEO tool. The key is to hone in on your SEO strategy first, then incorporate SEO tools in combination to yield the best SEO results for your site. But it isn’t practical to pay for multiple SEO tools, and it can pile up financially. Here are 4 free Google Chrome extensions that can drastically improve your search rankings.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer removes the need to go back and forth to multiple keyword databases by integrating them directly into your Google browser. With Keyword Surfer, keyword research can be done right in Google Search. Once you type your target keyword phrase and press enter, you’ll reveal search volumes, keywords suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, and on-page data.

For every search you conduct within Google, you’ll get data for content and SEO strategy like:

  • Search volume for your primary keyword
  • Similar keywords along with their respective volumes and similarity score
  • Estimated traffic for a domain of each top-ranking page
  • Related searches with their volumes
  • Word count for top-ranking pages
  • Number of exact keywords used on top-ranking pages
  • Cost per click (CPC) for your primary keyword
  • A backlink report gives you an estimate of how many you need in order to rank in the top 10

Consumers are quick to flip the switch on your site if it isn’t up to their expectations, especially when it comes to loading times. It takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website, good or bad.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of the more popular SEO tools out there for keyword research. It’s a Google Chrome extension that shows you monthly search volume, CPC & competition data.

Once the extension is downloaded, it’s as simple as going to Google and typing in a keyword that you are pursuing. Keywords Everywhere will show you an extensive list of other related keywords to consider. You can then export this list and create a compilation of keywords.

The main takeaway that Keywords Everywhere has to offer is the keyword data integration in your browser versus having to visit and revisit a specific tool. Unlike Keyword Surfer, this extension is not limited to Google Search. This extension applies to 15+ websites, including YouTube and Amazon.

SEO Thought Bubble

Check My Links

As you put in more effort to improve your SEO from a technical standpoint, you’ll want to be mindful of your link data.

Check My Links is an extension that conducts a check on your webpage and looks for broken links. Broken links can hurt your rankings, both internal and external; it’s crucial that you know what’s working.

Check My Links provides you with an overview of the data behind the links on any page, including your competition. Beyond the overview, this extension highlights each link and allows you to get the details on each such as:

  • Valid links
  • Valid redirecting links
  • Warnings
  • Invalid links

Pagespeed Insights

Consumers are quick to flip the switch on your site if it isn’t up to their expectations, especially when it comes to page loading times. It takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website, good or bad. It would be a shame if your slow loading speeds pushed potential consumers away.

Developed by Varun Dey, Pagespeed Insights gives you the power to assess your page speed from the comfort of your browser. The assessment details page speeds for both desktop and mobile devices.

Being able to identify issues with your mobile site is important. According to consumer insights company, Hitwise, mobile devices account for 60% of online searches and often rely on shaky internet connections. With Pagespeed Insights, you can quickly identify opportunities to improve page speed, lessening the risk of bounces from your website.

No Need for an SOS on SEO

SEO can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the game. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the abundance of data and advice that is out there. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single surefire method to great SEO. The best practice is to continue to adapt to the ever-changing world of SEO, ensuring that your strategy keeps up with modernity.

There is more to SEO than understanding how to use extensions. If you want the job done right, tap into the expertise of our SEO specialists at Next Horizon and let us be the difference that your SEO needs.

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