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In this highly competitive digital world, sometimes a website isn’t enough. Some companies may choose to develop an application to deliver an extra layer of service to their customers. Software development is a difficult skill to master, and building an internal development team comes with its own set of challenges if you aren’t experienced in this type of programming.

The simplest solution to getting cost-effective, well-developed software is by outsourcing to a trusted team of professionals. While it may be tempting to stick with internal resources, there are a lot of benefits to using outsourced software development.

Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

There is a myriad of reasons why you may want to outsource your software development projects — whether it is because of finances, quality, cybersecurity, or other reasons. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you should consider outsourcing software development:

1. Cost-Effective

When you pay a professional company for application development, you’ll not only reduce cost but your team can focus on your core business. While top-notch software developers aren’t cheap, an outsourced solution is far more affordable than putting together your in-house software development team. Between salaries, benefits, training, and the cost of professional development tools, the price tag to do it yourself is far higher than the fee for outsourced software development.

2. Latest Technology

The world of software development is evolving at a rapid pace. Each year there are new and more effective ways of building software, such as new frameworks, cloud hosting providers, and even changes in programming languages. When you do it yourself, your team will need to spend a great amount of time just keeping up with all of the changes within the industry, and chances are this will be a struggle.

An outsourced software development team, however, is able to keep up with current software development trends much more easily. That’s because software development is their company’s main focus, while an in-house development team is a small part of a company with goals that are typically well outside of the software development space.

3. Talent Sourcing

When you hire outsourced software programing companies, you’re getting some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. These organizations have the resources and know-how to lure in the best software developers out there. This, again, is due to their primary focus being that of developing software. They know where to look for the best developers and they know what traits and skills to look for.

4. Speed to Market

Because outsourced software programing companies have a combination of extensive resources and experience, they are typically able to bring your application to market much more quickly than the DIY option. The necessary systems and processes are in place, the developers are highly skilled, and these companies have surely developed hundreds of software applications that are similar in function to what you need.

5. Advanced Security

Cybersecurity becomes increasingly important each year as the number of cyberattacks escalates. Application security is another area where an outsourced software programing company holds a distinct advantage over in-house teams. Software development companies stay up to date on the best practices for dealing with the latest cybersecurity threats. This ensures your application is designed with security in mind.

6. Improved Flexibility

High-quality, professional software development companies bring years of experience and are built to be Agile. This means they’re usually led by software engineers and are supported by a dedicated team of developers who are better prepared to handle last-minute changes that may occur. Agile software developers can usually pivot much faster than an in-house team.

For example, if you decide during development that you need an extra feature added, this unexpected feature may require specific software development skills and experience to implement that your internal team does not possess. With an outsourced development team, though, this is not an issue.  A reputable development firm will have an extensive team of experts with the skills needed to add your feature.

Hiring an Outsourced Software Development Team

Outsourcing your software application development makes a lot of sense. This can be done either by handing an entire project over to a development team or–if you have an internal team already–parts of the projected can be offloaded to an outsource service provider to supplement the internal team.

Next Horizon has been in the software and application development business for decades. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to bring your next software project to another level, contact Next Horizon to get started.

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