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A website is the foundation of a good business marketing strategy. If you are a business that wants to grow at your own pace and have top-notch security, you may want to look into dedicated servers for your website hosting. It seems like a small decision, but the result could have major implications for your day-to-day operations.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an enhanced web hosting option where your website exists on a single server by itself. Think of a dedicated server as owning your own house whereas a shared server is like living in an apartment complex with shared resources.

What is a Shared Server?

Shared servers host multiple websites at once. It’s a cheaper option, but it comes with its own issues and limitations that business owners may not like.

A recent study says that 40% of users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

The Benefits of Dedicated Servers

A Faster Website

Slow websites can have a negative impact on sales. A slow-loading website can turn away prospects before they even give you a chance. More than that, Google will push slow loading websites down in search results, making it difficult to be found by customers.

Shared servers, by definition, share resources amongst a multitude of websites. If other websites need more bandwidth to run, then your business website might be slowed down as a result.

Dedicated server resources, however, are devoted solely to your website and can be adjusted as you wish. A faster website means more prospects staying on your website longer.

Increased Security

A cyberattack can come out of nowhere and can massively disrupt business. According to Fundera, 60% of businesses that are victims of a cyberattack go out of business within six months.

Websites on dedicated servers are much less vulnerable than those on shared servers. Shared servers share resources, but they also share any user error by the webmaster, negative impacts from neighboring website cyberattacks, and overall increased vulnerability to downtime.

Dedicated servers allow you to create custom cybersecurity plans with real-time monitoring for any unavoidable bumps in the road. With such limited access and exposure, dedicated servers are a great choice for any modern business that wants to ensure its website stays up at peak performance.

Quality Customer Service

IT companies that offer dedicated servers typically have fewer clients and are more customer service-oriented as a result.

When your website goes down, you want to know why it happened, how it will get back up, and a timeline. And you want that information yesterday. Dedicated servers typically employ real-time monitoring, allowing for IT support to identify, plan and execute solutions on any issue that comes up, contacting the website owner in the process.

More Control and Server Customization

As your business grows, you will want your website to be able to keep up. Dedicated servers can be customized to fit your unique business needs. Tailor storage and processing power to your unique specifications and allow yourself to ramp up or down depending on the situation.

Dedicated servers also allow more flexibility in how you build your website. Shared servers typically utilize common coding to cast a wider net. However, the dedicated server is designed to your exact specifications and can conform to any software or programming language. This provides you with endless options for scaling your website. You could even customize CPU, RAM, and disk space as needed.

A Unique IP Address

An IP address identifies its web interface as unique compared to others on the web and indicates the location of the website’s physical home. With a shared server, that IP address could be shared with another website owner that ends up buying backlinks or allowing too much spam on their site, which could get that IP address black marked.

With a dedicated server for web hosting, you won’t have to worry about unethical or incompetent website neighbors pulling you into their problems. If your website includes an e-commerce platform or simply requires more security, a dedicated server may be the best choice for you.

Your Business Deserves Enhanced Web Hosting

There is no doubt that choosing a dedicated server over a shared one is safer, more flexible, and can even increase traffic. With better customer experiences being paramount to increasing sales, you may want to choose the option that affords your website the ability to customize its user experience to recent consumer trends.

In addition to our reliable website hosting packages, we offer both shared and dedicated hosting all backed by award-winning technical support services. So when choosing the host with the most, go with Next Horizon.

I Want a Dedicated Server for My Business

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