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Why businesses need a Managed IT Service Company

When shopping for items for yourself there are certain criteria that you consider before purchasing. Why wouldn’t you do the same when shopping for an IT company for your business? Many businesses want to reduce the bottom line and increase sales. Sometimes when this is done corners are cut and it affects the company.

IT is the Core of your Business

An IT managed service is the core of your business and is heavily relied upon. It is responsible for the architecture, hardware, software, and networking of computers for your business. Imagine running your business without technology, could you do it?

A Managed IT Service Company ensures the employees have full access to the company’s computer systems, with real-time monitoring and proper security measures, so your network remains stable and you stay in control of your business and increase productivity.

When hiring a Managed IT Service Company you should make sure the company you choose is up to date on the latest IT trends, available for crisis as well as able to take your business to the next level.

By hiring an IT company, such as Next Horizon, you will get a team of IT professionals that are up to date on the latest trends and can be your complete IT support team or an extension of your current IT team.

Do Not Forget to Ask Questions Regarding the Company

Sometimes when shopping for a Managed IT Provider you may find one company less expensive than another. Make sure you ask questions regarding the company such as how many employees they have, how many accounts they serve, and ask if they have a backup plan for your business should they be out of town or sick.

…the information you have asked for which is where you will find the difference between the companies

Also, ask if they are up to date on certifications and if they are covered by liability insurance, and always ask for references. Many times when getting a quote from an organization that is less expensive they are unable to provide the information you have asked for which is where you will find the difference between the companies.

And of course, when hiring an IT Company, you won’t have the overhead of human resource paperwork, vacation days, sick days, company training, healthcare, etc. You will see that farming this part of your business out will help increase your bottom line.

There are certain criteria for almost every profession out there to stay active in the business except for IT professionals. CPAs, Nurses, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, etc. are required to log a certain number of hours each year for Continuing Education and stay up to date on certifications for their ever-changing business.

Sadly, IT professionals are not held to the same requirements. When shopping for an IT company you want to make sure they are up to date on the latest and greatest technology and hold multiple certifications. Ask for this type of information before hiring an IT company for your business. Your business depends on it!

Based in Orlando, Florida, Next Horizon provides full-service IT solutions for businesses looking to increase agility and optimize productivity at a reasonable cost. From IT Managed services to web hosting solutions and IT support, Next Horizon uses its 40+ years of experience and award-winning talent to provide technical business solutions for its clients.

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