Recently updated on August 25th, 2022

When it comes to web design, words still play a key role in the function of a site. Most people (except perhaps designers), don’t just visit a site to look at its new layout and beautiful styles; they come to a site in search of content. This is all made possible with words.

What does the phrase “design is still about words” mean to you? Well, it means a lot more than just “a design without words” in my opinion; instead, it expresses the importance of how text can change the overall value of a design.

Now the word “design” covers many bases, such as the layout of your kitchen or the shape of a new car; in this article, we will be referencing design for the web.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, a quote attributed to the New York Journal-American editor, Arthur Brisbane. This could be true somewhat, however, it all depends upon the person you ask. A photograph can go a long way in terms of conveying emotion, building a brand image, and creating individuality and personality in a design. Then why use words in design still?

Because “Design is still about words”.

Whether it’s the text used in your website’s metadata for Search Engine Optimization, or text used to put emphasis on a design through typography, the importance of words is simple: communication.

We can all love the amazing things we can do with design on the web; from effective compositions and layouts to eye-catching textures and color palettes, great design can be virtually meaningless without the actual content being communicated to the intended audience.

In fact, we as designers must not overlook the importance of words when it comes to styling and adding content such as images to our work. Without words, all we may have is a cool colorful composition to look at. Without words to put the cherry on top of a great web design, where would we be in this day and age?

Just some food for thought, what do you think about this? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment; your opinions are very much valued and appreciated.

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