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Cuhaci & Peterson Website Design Case Study

Showcasing a Brand Identity through a Digital Storefront

Cuhaci & Peterson was in need of a website design that reflected the quality of design work they do for their clients. Next Horizon took on the challenge of providing a high-level design, optimizing the website for search engine optimization (SEO) and gave Cuhaci & Peterson the freedom to customize their own marketing portfolio.

Project Highlights

  • High Quality, Clean and Scalable Website Design
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Custom Sales Application

The Client

Cuhaci & Peterson (C&P) is a nationally recognized architecture firm home to 248 employees based in Orlando, with two more locations in Boston and Philadelphia.

Old C-P Homepage Screenshot

Cuhaci & Peterson Needed to Refresh their Outdated Design.

The Challenge

To gain prominence in the competitive world of architecture, C&P decided to launch a new website that would express their creativity, include optimized content, and showcase their impressive project experience. Also important was the ability to customize their own online marketing portfolio and easily upload materials to the website themselves.

The Solution

The Next Horizon web design team collaborated with C&P to develop and launch a creative, responsive website that incorporated C&P’s three offices in Orlando, Boston and Philadelphia. The new website was enhanced and redesigned to be mobile-friendly, search engine optimized and scalable for changes and additions.

Next Horizon also developed a custom, user-friendly app that the sales staff uses to build proposals and project presentations that can now be easily uploaded to the C&P website.

Not only does the new app increase productivity, but it is also a money savings tool as developing these marketing materials and printing them in-house incurred a considerable cost.

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C-P Homepage Screenshot

The Results

Cuhaci & Peterson is extremely pleased with the final results, due to the creativity and appeal of the new website, the increased staff productivity and the ease of making website modifications. The user-friendly app created by Next Horizon provided a customized means by which C&P could increase their service offerings to potential customers.

Project Highlights

  • High Quality, Clean and Scalable Website Design
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Custom Sales Application

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We selected Next Horizon for our website development because we needed a firm that could grow with us. Next Horizon offers the platforms and expertise we need now and in the future.

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