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People today are accessing the web to find information daily and its web trends. It is now embedded in our lives more than ever and it doesn’t seem to be going away anywhere soon. Older adults, younger adults, teenagers, and children use the internet every day, thus many businesses have also joined in on the activity of social media on the web.

Here are the top 5 web trends businesses should consider with their online presence:

1. Internet Marketing

Early on in social media people were posting information mainly about themselves. Now that social media has become more widespread, this activity has turned into an interactive type of marketing where businesses can now post information about how they can help their consumers.

…use information from other sources to market to their consumers.

In other words, why not be where your customers are? Companies can now have direct conversations with their customers, which can help add value to each customer’s experience.

Companies are also starting to use information from other sources to market to their consumers.

This, too, helps companies become interactive with their consumers based on their comments and reactions. With the data, they collect they can market more effectively to consumers.

2. Content

Content is important and companies need quality content to be found. Companies need to know their customers and talk their language by using words they would use to explain their business.

Companies also need to make sure their content is on par, if not better, than their competitors. Social media is at a saturation point when it comes to posting information.

For companies to stay ahead of their competition they need to keep interacting with consumers on multiple social media sites. Taking risks and thinking outside of the box to provide information is key to stay ahead.

3. Mobile

Today almost everyone in the United States has access to a mobile device, more specifically smartphones and tablets, and making their searches on the go. Only 33% of mobile websites are easy to navigate, according to a Prosper Insights Report.

It now only makes sense for every website to be optimized for mobile so their existing and potential customers can find the information they are looking for without ending up with a poor user experience.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags (#hashtags) are another commonly used tagging system traditionally used on social media sites like Twitter and can be inserted anywhere within a post. When using hashtags, companies need to make sure it relates directly to the post/topic being discussed.

For example, if you are posting information about your company you start it with a hashtag followed by the name of your company (i.e. #nexthorizon). The more times a specific hashtag is used the more relevant it becomes as the content related to that hashtag grows.

5. Video

Videos continue to grow in popularity with the web. With internet connections reaching higher speeds, video has become a very effective way of delivering a message to your audience.

Businesses should definitely take advantage of video to not only keep current customers up-to-date with content but draw in new visitors to their website or social media pages.

Videos also have the tendency to go viral. It doesn’t necessarily need to be just about your business; it can be anything related to your business. For example, if you own a travel company, you may want to do a video about fun activities on a cruise ship, vacation destination activities, etc.

Some important features to have in your videos include making sure your message (or point of the video) is clear, and also making it entertaining to watch. It is important for businesses in 2014 to have a professional website accompanied by social media pages.

It is also important for companies to stay in front of their customers, provide them with quality content, and keep them engaged. By creating awareness of your website and social media sites the better chances your customers follow you.

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