Recently updated on September 14th, 2023

The worldwide pandemic has driven users to social media and more specific video social media platforms. Video content has given people a place to run to in a world where there is nowhere to go and interact. In this blog, we will highlight the trend toward video during the pandemic.

Video Content as an Escape

Beyond being just visuals, video content has provided an escape in a time filled with fear and uncertainty. According to USA Today, during the pandemic, YouTube trends have shown spikes in everyday tasks like cooking and exercise routines. Video content has become an outlet for those in search of ways to relieve anxiety. Many like to call this a form of self-care or self-help

According to the Oxford dictionary, self-care refers to the practice of activities that are necessary to sustain life and health, normally initiated and carried out by the individual for him or herself.

People are using video platforms like YouTube to nurture and sustain their sense of self. 

A Way to Connect with Others

Public social distancing guidelines have limited human interaction. Along with self-care, people are using video platforms to build social connections with others. Users congregate in the comment sections under their favorite content creators channel.

Comment sections on YouTube videos give users a place to debate, gather and provide their opinions.

In streaming platforms like Twitch, users build a sense of community in live chats, almost mimicking the real-life interaction that niche clubs and recreational groups have to offer. As of April 2020, their viewership has increased over 24% due to COVID-19 lockdown efforts.

Humans are social beings. You and your team need to find ways to connect people with what you have to offer.

Staying in Touch with Your Identity

Now more than ever, because of social injustices, politics and isolation, people have become more aware of their identity. Physical limitations have naturally caused communities to come together in ways they would never imagine.

People are consistently looking for ways to solidify and empower their identities and cultural ties; virtual gatherings are just one inevitable result of that. City hall meetings, family reunions, religious events and college classes have made their way to platforms like Zoom.

What You Can Do as a Marketer

As a marketer, now is your time to appeal to your audience’s fundamental needs. COVID-19 has created challenges globally, but people share the same basic needs. Humans are social beings. You and your team need to find ways to connect people with what you have to offer. Here’s are some tips to create messaging that connects with others:

  • Be inclusive — create content that resonates with the masses
  • Share knowledge — people are eager to learn new skills out of necessity or boredom
  • Create a sense of normality — consumers are craving “normal”
  • Provide stability — offer consistency with your offerings

Beyond everything, what will matter most is the relationships and connections you build during these uncertain times.

Engage Your Audiences with Video

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