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Are you getting the most out of your blog content? Blogs can be repurposed into all kinds of interesting mediums making the content more accessible to a larger market. If you can master how to maximize the life of your blog content, you will have a recipe to increase traffic to your website, engagement amongst your target audience and visibility of your brand. Here are 15 effective ways to repurpose blog content.

Why Repurpose Blog Content?

Writing a blog is all about developing content that your target audience values in exchange for their engagement with your brand. It’s a give-and-take. However, with so many platforms to post on and so many personas to adhere to, simply writing a 700-word blog and only posting it to your website can severely limit your reach.

Some audiences would rather watch an explainer video than read a blog. Some would rather see the information in an infographic. Some might not care which format the content is in, as long as it’s available on Twitter. By knowing when and how to effectively repurpose content from your blog for different audiences, you are giving more people a chance to see your business as an expert and are more likely to increase conversions.

1. Republish Blogs for a Wider Audience

One way to get more out of your blog post is to use republishing platforms. These websites allow you to repost your blog to reach a wider audience. All you have to do is sign up for an account, post your blog and wait for the new readers to come in. It’s incredibly simple and a no-brainer for marketing departments that don’t have time to build out a ton of new content.

Here is a brief list of websites that will let you republish blog content:

2. Create Spinoffs

Are you writing about a topic that has multiple layers? If so, then you could create spinoff content from your existing blogs. Take this blog. Each topic named on this blog could have its own blog diving deep into video types, content strategies or infographic exemplars. If you are strapped for time, write your overview blog, then take your time breaking down the topic in other individual blogs- but don’t forget to crosslink them so you can create a topic web for your readers!

3. Repurpose Blog Content on Social Posts

One of the easiest ways to promote your blog content is by sharing it on your favorite social media platforms. Be sure to promote the content on the right platform. For instance, if you have content focused on business executives, LinkedIn is likely best. For a casual user, Facebook and Instagram might be a better choice.

If you are going to promote your blog on social media, take an exciting fact or statistic and turn it into an infographic. It will help draw eyes to your post and your blog.

an example of repurposed blog content. an infographic with navy blue and lime green lettering stating that "43% of Cyber Attacks Target Small Business"


4. Create a Lead Magnet Campaign

If the content that you have written is highly relevant and actionable to your prospective market, consider using it as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a marketing term used to describe when you want to provide a free item or service in exchange for gathering contact information.

At Next Horizon, we are currently running a magnet program for our IT department. We are offering a free network security audit in exchange for contact information and a chance to bring on a new client. We have developed blogs, eNewsletters, advertising campaigns, infographics and even a white paper in preparation of the campaign.

5. Create Infographics

We are in a visual world. Infographics are great ways to tell complex stories in simple, easy-to-navigate images. Create a large infographic like we have here or break it down into bite-sized pieces of information for use in social, on your website or any other place that your target audience frequent.

6. Create Videos

According to video creation service Animoto, videos are consumers’ favorite type of content on social media. Considering we now produce more video content than is possible to watch, videos are here to stay.

Try taking your blog and creating a video or video series regarding the topic. You may be able to get your point across to those who don’t want to read your article or even pull in new readers that you have “teased” with your video. Once more, you can use them over and over again- assuming its evergreen.

Check out an explainer video that we created for a case study we did with The Door Company, a leading garage door and gate installation company in California.

7. Livestream a Discussion about the Topic

Your topic may be one with much debate or it may be something that’s highly relevant now. In these cases, attempt to create a dialogue with your audience. You can easily set up a live stream broadcast on your preferred social platform where you can present your topic and a baseline of information. From there, take questions and try to answer them as best you can. A live stream can not only be a great way to disseminate this important information, but it can give you a head start in the sales process as creating a dialogue is typically the first step.

More Options to Repurpose Blog Content

  1. Create a Slide Deck Presentation
  2. Discuss on a Podcast
  3. Develop a White Paper PDF
  4. Create an eBook or Physical Book
  5. Update the Current Post with New Content
  6. Develop a Quiz or Survey
  7. Create GIFs
  8. Use the Blog Content for Email Marketing

Need a Content Strategy?

There is so much content out in the world today, it can be difficult to get noticed. If you have a goal of becoming the “expert” in your field, then you will want a quality content strategy in place. From content writing to web design, Next Horizon has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your marketing goals. Contact us now!

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