Recently updated on November 17th, 2022

The mobile market has drastically changed over the years. Smartphones and tablets have become more powerful, faster, and even more affordable than ever. With the rise of more and more people using these devices and having access to the internet virtually anywhere, it makes sense for a business owner to want to target that growing audience.

You might think investing time and money into the creation of a mobile website, especially with the smartphone/tablet market still in its “infancy”, is unnecessary, but there are several benefits if you do so.

Mobile Internet Usage is Up

The number of mobile users and the amount of internet-ready smartphones and mobile devices is increasing all the time. Mobile users nowadays use their phones almost more than their desktops and laptops to search on the internet for anything from news, product information, price comparisons, customer reviews, and more.

Faster Surfing

Mobile sites are built with the theory “less is more”, in favor of sites with fewer graphics, a single-column layout, and immediate access to specific content through condensed menus and search features. Making a user’s time spent on the phone as painless as possible is a surefire way to receive more traffic.

Increase Your Page Rank with Search Engines

Having a mobile version of your website is technically doubling the amount of content for your site. Mobile websites are also getting priority in mobile search; therefore placing you’re non-mobile website in the rear of search results.

Become a Leader

Staying ahead of the trend, or becoming the trend, is a big plus. Based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigger than the desktop internet in the coming years.  If a user has a poor experience with a website on their mobile device, the odds are they will not go back.

A very large portion of websites does not have a mobile version of their site. Having a mobile site not only makes you more accessible for mobile devices, but it can also prove to be a winning point in online marketing strategies and show your website to be geared for the future.

In the coming years, the mobile market is going to do nothing but increase in size. Don’t make the mistake of not taking advantage of this increasing market. Let Next Horizon help plan your future in mobile marketing.

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