Recently updated on March 1st, 2023

We now live in the digital age where internet marketing has become as big as offline marketing. More and more businesses begin to advertise online rather than in magazines, billboards, TV shows, and more. Even the most successful and highly popular brands create their own internet marketing campaigns because this is proven to be an effective way of advertising products and services.

Connecting to your audience’s emotions

One of the most popular strategies when it comes to marketing is emotional advertising. Rather than showing your project and explaining all its functions or how awesome it is, simply show someone using or experiencing your product or service.

Think about common beer commercials—most of them would not just say what the beer is made of, how much it costs, or how to drink it. An emotional beer commercial will instead show a relaxed man on the couch as he watches a football game, or friends telling great stories and laughing all night with this certain beer brand.

Now, emotional advertising is not really about those that would pinch your heart and make you shed a tear or two. It deals with all kinds of emotions. It can trigger laughter, pain, inspiration, motivation, and a whole lot more feelings.

Through internet marketing, you can create emotional advertisements simply through short stories. It can be about how a certain person who has suffered a great deal of hair loss for so many years and has been bullied and embarrassed because of that but after using your shampoo brand, she had long, flowing hair and has gained back her self-confidence.

This can be done beyond a television ad; you can still touch a person’s emotions through internet marketing.

Where to start with emotional internet marketing

If video broadcasting is not in your project scope, you can create audio advertisements instead, which can be used in podcasts and internet radio. Your marketing team can perhaps connect to a company that broadcasts radio via the internet, and you can come up with an advertising deal with them.

Producing video on the other hand has become much more accessible these days as well. Production would require at least a nice camera and a great concept. Uploading videos are absolutely free on YouTube and on Facebook and usually, emotional advertisements that have great concepts and storylines will most likely go viral.

You can pay a minimal fee on the said websites to boost or promote your advertisement too so that it can reach more viewers.

The bottom line here is that your internet marketing efforts should be focused on your users or target audience. You can have a small budget, but that can go a long way with the right kind of advertising. So instead of just doing the usual boring type of ad, work on emotional advertising and you’d be surprised at how your business can grow.

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