Healthcare Marketing Case Study: Lake Mary Eye Care

2020 Was a Banner Year For Awareness and Conversions

The pandemic affected all businesses, including top eye specialists Lake Mary Eye Care. With a need for a more focused digital advertising approach due to social distancing, Next Horizon would need to build a campaign that would be simple, yet effective on a minimal budget.

Project Highlights

  • 167% Increase in Conversion-Level Events
  • 35% Increase in Website Visitors
  • 6.79% Click through Rate (Nearly 4 Times Industry Average)

Services Provided

  • Google AdsGoogle Ads
  • SEO OptimizationSEO Optimization

The Client

Located in the heart of Central Florida, Lake Mary Eye Care are a full scope optometry practice dedicated to providing the highest quality of eye care services for both children and adults. Dr. Love and his staff show compassion for their patients and pride themselves on having the highest of ethical standards to establish trust. Their patients can expect treatments on all kinds of ocular diseases and to be taken care of through regular eye exams and eyewear services.

Business during a meeting

The Challenge

We walked into our strategy room with two challenges. One is that we would only be able to work on one platform due to budget constraints. The other would be living up to the expectations that 2020 could be as successful as 2019. We knew that we had some limitations in scope, making whatever strategy choice we made to have large implications on our ability to meet or exceed 2019 outcomes.

The Solution

With a limited budget, we knew it would be important to focus on an audience that was actively seeking and in need of eye care services right “now”, so we chose Google Search advertising as our primary platform. Search advertising is highly dependent on quality SEO structure for their website. In order to achieve better efficiency and effectiveness from our campaign, we went to work on the website.

We added Meta descriptions, titles and keywords to all pages and added content where possible to sync our landing pages and improve our Google Quality Score. With an improved SEO site structure, we built out our campaigns adding key ad groups for all services and focusing on optimal times for search results. We paid close attention to keyword volume trends, ensuring that we would capitalize on when our audience would inevitably need Lake Mary Eye Care services. In short order, we were able to create an efficient system for gathering prospective patients.

Lake Mary Eye Care Homepage Screenshot
Lake Mary Eye Care Chart
Blue Positive Chart

The Results

The 2020 campaign yielded better results than we expected. Our highest hopes were 10% increases across the board, but we also felt that matching 2019 would still be a win considering the state of the world at the time. We nearly tripled in conversions and our click through rate went through the roof- the benefits of an upgraded Google Quality Score due to SEO improvements. We were able to attract and engage a more actionable audience in need of Lake Mary Eye Care eye services. Even after 2020, we have continued with these campaigns to similar results. The client is quite happy and we are discussing some new projects and initiatives as the country opens up.

Project Highlights

  • 167% Increase in Conversion-Level Events
  • 35% Increase in Website Visitors
  • 6.79% Click through Rate (Nearly 4 Times Industry Average)


Growing my practice is very important to me. In order to do that, I need a marketing company that I can trust and that can deliver results. We have been working with Next Horizon for a number of years and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Even in 2020, when things were going haywire in the world, they managed to increase our web visitors significantly and our conversions 3- fold. If there is a business out there that needs a marketing partner that you can depend on, I can’t recommend Next Horizon enough.

  • Dr. Robert Love
  • Lake Mary Eye Care