Many people do not realize Apple devices are equipped with many shortcuts and multi-touch tricks to give your phone that edge over the rest.

  1. Scroll to top:

Next time you are on a long web page, & want to jump to the top of the page, just tap the top bar and it will immediately send you to the top of the page.

  1. Quick Speed Up

iPhone running a little sluggish? We many iPhone users that aren’t used to multitasking applications, never realize they have an enormous amount of applications running in the background. So there are two options:

  • Restart your phone
  • Double tap the home key and hold your finger on the app until it starts shaking then tape the minus icon.

  1. In my own words

Every industry has those “words”, that no matter what program you use they are spelled wrong. Well just like in Microsoft word you can add to your custom dictionary.

  • Go to “Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboard > Add New Keyboard” and then choose Japanese Ten Key.
  • Next, go to main keyboard screen and select “Edit User Dictionary”. Tap “+”. You will find it on the top right-hand corner. Next, tap “Word”.


Want to type in all Caps but find it difficult to hit the up arrow aka the shift key for every letter? Hit the shift key twice, it will turn blue, and you will now type in all caps.

  1. Quick Screen Shot

So you are on the phone with “Next Horizon” and your phone starts acting up. Under normal circumstances, we can’t see the error or what it is doing, so next time take a screenshot of the phone by pressing together the power and home button quickly. It will place an image of the current items on the phone and place it in you images folder.

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