Let us say you are  a business owner without an online presence, and wants to have a website developed. You Google the words Web Design and you are instantly presented  with options.  Ads appear for ‘Custom Web Design – $299’, ‘$480 – Affordable Web Design’.  You might think to yourself “Wow, this is going to be cheaper than I thought!”

After looking at two or three options, you decide on a template from  cheapwebdesigns.com. They promise a website for only $300 and within 8 hours. Great! Your site is up and now you’re ready for business, only thing is…after a couple months, you’ve had zero phone calls and the only emails from your site are SPAM  promoting  the most recent ground breaking treatment in acne removal, balding cream, and “size enhancers”.

“What happened? Where are all the clients that are SUPPOSED to be seeking my services? I have a site, why are they not contacting me?”

You might have had the benefit of getting a site fast and cheap, but the drawback was a site that is bland, unoriginal, blends in with every other site with the same template and not tailored to meet your needs as well as  generate leads. It works for your wallet, but not your business.

The benefit to hiring an agency to design and build your site greatly outweighs the alternative.

Your site is custom designed and developed, built to suit your every need and the needs of your visitors. When they arrive to your site, they will be presented with your brand, your services, and the right experience to generate a lead , all because it was built specifically for your business.

Your site will know what your visitors are looking for, because YOU know what your visitors are looking for and have had those directives built into the site.

Your site will be built with more than just design in mind; it will be optimized to perform in all browsers and search engines.

There are plenty of extra benefits to using an agency for your web presence…  accountability, hosting, maintenance,  the ability to quickly make needed updates .

Custom design & development with an agency  is not about price, its about return on investment.

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